TD Ameritrade Vs. Scottrade

We will compare two renowned brokers TD Ameritrade vs. Scottrade. Perhaps this comparison will be useless because the Scottrade has been in the acquisition by TD Ameritrade in 2016 ago. However, it would not hurt to compare these two big brokers, just to know which brokers are better.

Ok, we start comparing regarding service, TD Ameritrade has a waitress in the form of a local representative can be reached by phone or email 24/7, while Scottrade does not have that service. Both have, Support via phone, email, online chat, social media, and at local branches. Based on local branches, Scottrade has the advantage of having more than 505 local branches, the Ameritrade TD only 126.

TD Ameritrade vs. Scottrade

Next, we will discuss the comparison between the two brokers regarding tools and platforms. TD Ameritrade provides free access to all trading platforms, while Scottrade requires 36 trades per year to access all trading platforms. Both have virtual trading that is used for trading practices in historical and current markets.

The next aspect we need to compare is educational, TD Ameritrade provides access to interactive learning tools tailored from leading educational affiliations, while Scottrade does not provide them.

We proceed to the most important aspect of pricing and cost, both giving stocks and ETF’s commission $ 6.95. For trade options, TD Ameritrade charges an additional $ 0.75 per contract, while at Scottrade prices are subject to an additional fee of $ 0.70 per contract. Regarding broker assisted trade cost TD Ameritrade to provide a more high price of $ 44.99 while Scottrade cheaper, just pay only $ 33.

From the description above, we can conclude that the competition between TD Ameritrade vs. Scottrade is a ferocious competition. Regarding price and cost both can be spelled out equally, and regarding the other, TD Ameritrade superior thin compared with Scottrade. So we can conclude that TD Ameritrade won the competition between the two brokers with a slight win.

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